Long Life

What can we do to Live Longer?

by Jody Ginther

Some reasons people live a long time are obvious like; being happy, peaceful, good genetics, exercise, and a healthy diet. But, what are some of the not so commonly known factors to long life?

In my travels to several countries throughout Asia, I occasionally would meet someone in some remote area who was more than 80 years old and yet more active and healthy than a common teenager in America. Whenever I got the chance, I would ask them or make mental notes about their lifestyles.

I found a number of things they had in common. One of the most important things I noticed was that none of the oldest people I met who were still healthy was that they never retired. By "retired" I mean they never stopped actively working and moving. I also met an old Chinese Kung Fu teacher who fathered his last child at 80 years old and could still throw young men bigger than him a crossed the room. I asked him about longevity and the first thing he said was; "Movement is life. No movement; no life. In all of nature this is true. The water moves on the rocks to become cleaner; the water that don’t move becomes black and devoid of all life." Later he told me that people start to die when they stop moving. Activity or movement can prolong life. See to learn more about activity levels to "Getting Fit" improve your health and fitness.

Another thing I found that they had in common was their attitude. All of them had a sense of humor and none of them held on to bitterness or anger for very long. They kept their minds busy as well, always learning something new no matter how old they became. The mind is no different than the body. If you don’t use it deteriorates. The more you use it, the easier it becomes to learn new things. One wise old man said; "You begin getting old when you start thinking you are old." When I thought about it, I realized that each of the long life masters had playful childlike qualities and a good sense of humor.

In summary:

  • Stay active mentally and physically, (always learn new things and move).
  • Eat and drink more natural foods.
  • Be happy, and have a sense of humor.
  • Control your weight
  • Learn to let go of bitterness, anger, stress, and destructive thoughts.

Yeah, I know; "easier said than done." Life takes practice. Return to this site as it expands with more detailed information on how to accomplish these goals. Research on aging and more information on longevity can be found at Research on Aging and the Glenn Foundation.