Best Weight loss plan: Changing your metabolism

The way to permentently control your weight.
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No more fat forever

by Jody S. Ginther

Some people seem to eat anything they want and never get fat. Others seem to look at food and gain weight. Why? When most people are young, they rarely have to worry about getting fat but when they get older, gaining weight is easy. Why?

It has to do with our metabolism. Your metabolic rate is how fast your body burns calories. Your metabolic rate varies depending on genetics, age and activity. If you change your metabolism enough, you can eat more and still loose weight. I once had a girlfriend who said, "Why is it that you can burn more calories eating ice cream than I can when I exercise?" This was a bit exaggerated but the point is; you can change your metabolism. If you often do aerobic style exercise, you will burn calories and fat faster.

One thing that slows your metabolism is fasting or dieting too much. Many people wonder why they eat less, loose weight, then gain it back even though they are still eating less. Your body will also slow down your rate of fat burning if you are eating too little. So, the best way for long term weight control is a balance of exercise and a proper diet. A daily habit of eating the right amount of healthy foods and regular activities that enhance your metabolism are the best ways to loose the weight and keep it off forever.

Diet: Store less Fat

You probably already know that body changes carbohydrates, fat and protein into energy. But, unused energy from carbohydrates and fats are stored in your body as more fat. It seems like commons sense, but we need to be reminded that if the intake is greater than the output; you get fat. If the output,(of calories burned) is greater than the input,(calories eaten) you loose weight.

Eat more fiber; drink more ice water; eat less fat; and eat fewer carbohydrates. Ice water takes some energy from your body to heat and will help your body process foods to pass through your system properly. Some research indicates that five or more cups of green tea per day may cause a slight increase in metabolism. Cold green tea may be better. Most diet changes are common sense; less sugar, less bread, less fat, less oily foods, sweet drinks, etc.

Exercise: Burn More Fat

Exercise is the best and most lasting way to raise your metabolism. Some research suggests one hard workout can raise your metabolism for up to 15 hours after the workout. Aerobic exercise is the most effective for raising your metabolism. It is best to get suggestions from your doctor to determine your safe maximum heart rate and confirm that your diet and exercise plans are safe. The general idea is to change your metabolism by raising your heart rate through exercise. To make a significant change in your metabolism, your goal is to raise your heart rate to 80% of your maximum heart rate and maintain it for a minimum of 30 minutes and repeat this process on a regular basis.

First, you should raise your heart rate slowly. To determine the best target heart rate, you should consult a personal trainer or doctor. Generally, the goal is to reach a high enough heart rate to burn fat. Usually you will be sweating evenly all over your body when you reach your optimum heart rate. Hold this heart rate level for at least 30 minutes and repeat this process three times per week.

If you have not exercised this way for a long time or you have other medical conditions, it may be dangerous to reach 80% of your maximum heart rate in your first work outs. You may have to work up to this goal over six weeks or more to reach it safely.

Remember it took time to get fat, it takes time to change your metabolism properly also. Changing your metabolism is the best way to loose weight for long term health.

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